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Cover Up

Five Top Tips for Effective Tattoo Laser Removal

The laser removal of a tattoo is often a costly exercise. However, when compared to other approaches recommended by dermatologists, it is the most effective. There's little chance of developing scarring, and you have a good chance of ink particles being dispelled completely. Overall, this will leave you free of any marking on your skin following on from a treatment program....(more)

Overview of the Services Offered by SofTap Permanent Cosmetics

Softap Permanent Cosmetics is a leading provider of permanent makeup tattoos and tattoo correction. The most popular services offered by Softap technicians are eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, lipstick, lip enhancement and lip reshaping. Softap technicians also correct problems with existing permanent makeup tattoos....(more)

A Coverup Tattoo as a Tattoo Removal Alternative

Coverup tattoo removal is one way to revitalize a regrettable tattoo. A tattoo artist puts the coverup design right over the top of your old tattoo so that the previous design is hidden under a fancy new one. First, you must consider all aspects of the coverup process....(more)

Dangerous Tattoo Removal Methods You Should Consider with Caution

Tattoo removal is quite a complex procedure. There are new methods appearing all the time, with latest methods offering an injection of a cream. However, even the more common methods come with dangers. You should approach any tattoo removal method with caution....(more)

Health Issues

The Dangers of Black Henna Ink

Black henna ink is used in a lot of cultures to provide a temporary tattoo. It is a thick paste that is piped onto the skin and left to dry. It is also a popular form of temporary tattoo for people holidaying abroad. It's important to look at the potential dangers behind it before deciding to have a tattoo done, particularly by someone who isn't immensely experienced....(more)

Effective Tips for Treating an Infected Piercing

Body piercings require near constant care while healing, but even then it is possible to get an infection. If you are dealing with an infected piercing, the first step is to treat it at home. You also need to see your doctor to find out if you need an antibiotic, but it helps to start taking care of the infection yourself. Look out for signs of infection, such as green or yellow discharge and a strong odor....(more)

The Do's and Don'ts of Dealing with a Peeling Tattoo

A peeling tattoo is nothing to be overly concerned about. In fact, it's widely regarded by body artists and dermatologists as a normal part of the healing process. Experts recommend that you let the peeling run its course, considering that the body's reaction to a new tattoo is similar to that of sunburn. Interfering with the wound may cause unsightly complications....(more)

Career and Training

Some Tattoo Artist School FAQs Answered

Becoming a tattoo artist requires a lot of education. This is because you are not only providing a service, but you are permanently affecting a person's skin. You are also technically opening up a wound. People often have questions about attending a tattoo artist school, and rightly so. It's important their questions are answered before making the decision to start training....(more)

Five Steps to Impress and Get a Tattoo Apprenticeship

Finding a tattoo apprenticeship isn't always easy. This is particularly true if you live in a competitive city like New York. There are some tips you should bear in mind if you want to be an attractive candidate to a parlor. Keep organized and appear professional, and you should have a better chance at gaining an apprenticeship....(more)

Unique Body Art: Creative Ideas for New School Tattoos

Traditional body art images give way to new school tattoo art as emerging artists look for unique ways to define their particular strengths. Bold outlines are the order of the day as opposed to fine lines. Bright colors jump out as opposed to subtle shading. Pop culture personalities, super hero logos, sugar skulls and 'sacred' icons share epidermal real state with unicorns, dragons, wizards and mom....(more)