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Most Common Tattoo Questions - Answered

Tattoos are not a simple topic and there are certainly no shortage of questions concerning tattoos, not just on, but all over the internet. This article will provi (MORE)
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Five Moisturizers for Tattoos

If not cared for correctly, tattoos can dry out during the healing process. This can easily be avoided using tattoo salve, soap, or other moisturizers. During the first three (MORE)
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Five Recommended Magazines to Read More About After Tattoo Care

If you're curious about after tattoo care, are passionate about body art, or want to find a new and cutting-edge tattooist, expert magazines will help. They'll have features a (MORE)
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Taking Care of Your Tattoo

Care of your tattoo starts as soon as you decide to get one. Sometimes, there are steps to take prior to getting the tattoo itself. Make sure you meet the criteria, and then d (MORE)