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Famous Tattoo Artists

Famous Body Artists: Extraordinary Tattoos by Amy Brown

Amy Brown is a visual artist best known for her watercolor images of fairies and other fantasy creatures. Many of her designs have been turned into extraordinary tattoos. These striking Amy Brown tattoos display a sense of wonder, beauty and whimsy, while revealing the wearer's interest in fantasy art and culture. They are complicated, elaborate and full-color and require the skills of a very talented tattoo artist....(more)

Making Your Own Henna Paste

The art of painting your body with henna is known commonly as mehndi. Mehndi has been practiced throughout Middle Eastern countries, Africa and India for centuries. Henna is used to commemorate significant rites of passage in a person's life, to celebrate joyous occasions and prior to wedding ceremonies. Before you practice mehndi and have henna applied, however, you need a quality henna paste. Make your own henna paste, and ensure that you have the best natural product....(more)

The Best Famous Tattoo Artists and Their Famous Clients

Sporting tattoos is becoming more and more acceptable in mainstream pop culture. For this reason, many famous celebrities are known for their tattoos. These famous individuals visit the best tattoo artists in the industry to get their body art. Many tattoo artists are celebrities in their own right for the beautiful artwork they create....(more)

Exploring Kat Von D's Official Website

Kat Von D is a famous tattoo artist who owns High Voltage Tattoo, a successful tattoo business. Kat is also a model, a reality TV star, an artist and a photographer. She has her own make-up and clothing lines as well. Kat Von D's official website is as edgy, exciting and interesting as she is....(more)


Costs, Pricing Methods and Tipping in the Tattoo Industry

The question "how much are tattoos?" is a common one. Online you will find post after post with people querying how much they will have to spend for their tattoo. Ultimately, it all boils down to different parlors and the design. There are lots of things to consider when it comes to the cost of a tattoo, how much to top and how much an artist makes....(more)

Five Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap Tattoos

Cheap tattoos might seem like a good idea for saving money, but they simply aren't worth it. A tattoo is, by nature, a permanent fixture on your body. They can only be removed in part, and this can be an unpleasant procedure. It's important to consider the benefits of paying a little more for a tattoo or a removal....(more)

Determining the Fair Cost of Your Planned Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a big decision. Not only does the tattoo become a permanent mark on your skin, it is also a financial investment. While tattoos range greatly in price, some larger tattoos often cost in the thousands, there are several ways to determine a fair price for the tattoo you want. Figure out exactly what tattoo you want, and follow this advice on how to get inked without overpaying....(more)


The Largest Tattoo Conventions in the United States

Tattoos are extraordinarily popular as both a form of body modification and a form of art. One of the best places for tattoo enthusiasts to gather together and share ink is at tattoo conventions, which take place annually all over the United States. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just a curious observer, these four tattoo conventions are the largest in the country, bringing together the biggest names in tattoo art and body modification culture....(more)

Major Events in Sin City: An Overview of the Las Vegas Tattoo Convention

Billed as "The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth," the Las Vegas tattoo convention brings the world's greatest tattoo artists together once a year for seminars, competitions and celebrations of the tattoo art form. Along with great tattoo artists, the Las Vegas tattoo convention also features the latest technology and products for the tattoo industry....(more)

Five Great U.S. Tattoo Expos

Tattoo expos are huge events. They often attract some of the best tattoo artists in the world, as well as tattoo enthusiasts. They are there to show what different tattoo parlors can offer. Tattoo conventions are also a great way of finding ideas for your own tattoo, or even having one done that day. For the trade, it's an exciting place to make connections....(more)